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Recharging another account

Can I recharge on someone's account?

R2Games explicitly discourages the recharging of Virtual Currency on an account that is not your own. There are many reasons for this policy, all of which help the recharger and the owner of the account.

What could go wrong if someone recharges on my account?

There are many things that can befall an account that is shared for the purpose of recharging:

-The player could be lying to delete items from your character

-The player could chargeback, thereby getting your account banned

-The player could claim your account as their own

-The player may use your stored details to purchase Virtual Currency without your consent

These are some of the worst situations when it comes to letting someone recharge your account. These are very real scenarios and we warn players that the likelihood of these scenarios is higher than the likelihood that nothing bad will happen.

What if something bad does happen?

If you let someone recharge on your account and they do chargeback or they claim "unauthorized purchase", we will be forced to investigate, likely to refund the purchases. This means that if you let someone purchase something on your account, and they ask for their money back, your account will be banned for the requested refunds.

If you let someone recharge on your account and they delete items or claim ownership, deciding who the owner is may be difficult. This player will have all of your account detail access and we may end up banning the account completely if we cannot decide who the real owner is.

Both of these outcomes are equally frustrating. If a player wants their money back, even if they agreed in the first place, this means YOUR account will be banned (not theirs). If a player deleted items/claims ownership, we may refuse assistance due to a violation of our Terms of Service. Both scenarios are equally undesirable, so please remember to NEVER let a player recharge on your account for you.