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New forum page

What's with all these categories at the top?

Our new forum landing page allows players to easily keep up with pupular posts, posts they have made, posts they have replied to, and subscribed posts.

Forum navigation tools.jpg

1. This shows all threads being made.

2. This shows the most recent threads you have made.

3. This shows your recent posts.

4. This shows any threads you have subscribed to.

What about the other sections?

Accouncements and Recent posts.jpg

Official announcements are posts that R2Games will post that relates to the entire R2Games community. These should be checked regularly for cool events, payment updates, and platform news.

Recent posts shows the most recent posts on our forums. This allows our moderators to actively review the newest posts, and allows you to contribute on some threads you may not have noticed otherwise!

Why are there buttons?

The buttons are the links to the games' main forum page. This allows easier scrolling through the list of game forums.

Game forum buttons.jpg

Once you click one of these buttons, you'll be taken to the game's forum page. This will allow you to go to different sections to discuss game aspects, report issues, and review the latest game news!

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