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Delayed purchase

I made a purchase but it hasn't arrived yet.

Every payment provider operates differently and they all have their own safeguards to protect against fraud. We encourage our players to wait 2-3 hours to report an unreceived purchase. Some players require their purchase immediately, for example to participate in a timed event, to which we will also accommodate. Whether you need your purchase immediately or have waited the suggested 2-3 hours, the following steps will help you determine what information we will need to assist you.

Check with the "My Orders" tab.

My Orders.jpg

The status and details of your purchase history will be located under "My Orders" under your account Avatar. Each order, whether successful or failed, will show under this tab. If your purchase is showing as successful but you haven't received anything after waiting 2-3 hours, you can send in a ticket. Please do not include other sensitive financial information, such as other purchases under this account or the account's details, unless specifically requested.

My purchase shows successful under "My Orders", so what now?

Great! That means there was a snag somewhere along the way, but registering in our system gives us a place to start. Copy & paste the order number (a long string of numbers at the top-left of the purchase) and submit a screenshot of the transaction receipt that should have been emailed to you. *Please note* copy & pasting the info from the receipt is not sufficient: we require a picture clearly showing the receipt as it is.

Once we have this information we can check where the snag was and why it came about. We can provide additional information, request more if necessary, or send your purchase immediately.