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Multiple accounts

Can I have more than 1 account?

We generally encourage use of multiple characters as long as these alternate accounts are limited to legitimate gameplay. This means limiting the "alts" to a number that a player can play and enjoy without being classified as abuse.

How many alternate accounts can I have?

We do not impose a limit, although we generally consider under 5 accounts acceptable. The purpose of this is that a character/account should be used for legitimate gameplay. Having more than 5 accounts is widely considered to take more time and effort than someone has in a single day, and therefore most likely will be classified as "alt. abuse".

What if someone has too many accounts?

If a player is clearly abusing many accounts for the purpose of boosting their main, our response would be to ask the player to choose their main + 1 account to keep, and we will remove the rest. Players who do not grossly abuse alts will generally be left alone, but if a player is found to be severely violating these guidelines they will be restricted to a pair of accounts.