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Hacked account

Ideally no-one should have to go through the ordeal of having their account hacked. This guide will run through precautions you can take as a player to prevent this happening, and things you need to do if you suspect your account is hacked.

What is the most important precaution I can take to protect my account?

Do not share your account information with anyone. R2Games staff will never ask you for your personal information, including your account and password. We have the ability to check these records, directly log in to a character, or set temporary passwords.

I've shared my information with a friend of mine. What does it matter?

Apart from being against Terms of Service, R2Games does not take responsibility for shared accounts. If at any time during an investigation, R2Games finds the account has been shared, the investigation will cease, and it will either be left as is or banned.

What other precautions can I take?

-Do not use third party software: Not only is this against R2Games Terms of Service, it is dangerous for 

your account. Hackers can use this software to gain your information to access your account.

-Change your password often.

-Clear cache and cookies often.

-Run an antivirus/malware scan on your computer often.

-If the game you are playing has an item lock feature, use it.

A staff member has asked for my log information: what do I do?

If anyone asks for your details, please stop any communication with them, take screenshots, and send in a ticket. As mentioned earlier, R2Games staff will never ask you for personal information. This is most likely someone trying to steal accounts.

What harm can a hacker do?

Some things hackers have been known to do are:

-Delete or alter the player's character

-Alters the player's email

-In worse cases; use credit details to "recharge their new character"

-Sell/Gift items

-Share login information with others

What do I need to include in my ticket to support?

When reporting an issue with a hacked account, we need as much information regarding the problem as possible:

-Why you believe your account was attacked (reason for writing the ticket)

-What is missing

-The date and time you were last able to access your account, approximate server time

-Any suspicious activity before the hack occurred