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Banned account

What can get a player permanently banned?

R2Games reserves the right to temporarily or permenantly ban any account, in good faith, according to our Terms of Service. We usually reserve permenant bans for serious infractions, including but not limited to:

-Selling/Gifting an account

-Using third party software

-Hacking or trying to gain log information of someone else's account

-Chargebacks on recharges

What can get a player temporarily banned?

If an account is under investigation for any of the above reasons, or for any in game harassment (real life threats), a temporary ban may be placed. Temporary bans are usually for investigative purposes, and this is the time a player may submit supporting documentation upon opening a ticket.

My account was banned. What do I do?

If you don't know why you were banned, ask. If you know why you were banned, and believe you were wrongly accused, send evidence:

-Any explanation of the situation

-Screenshots that may help your case

-Times, dates if applicable

Can I be unbanned once banned?

So long as a permanent ban has not been placed, it is possible to have a ban lifted. Any temporary ban imposed may reflect negatively should an infraction be committed in the future. If temporarily banned too many times, an account may be permanently banned.