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Speed/stat hacking

What is "speed/stat hacking"?

Hacking is the practice of altering in-game elements through means unintended by the developer. Speed/stat hacking refers to manipulating a character's stats or functionality to provide an unfair advantage, through the use of game glitches, third party programs, or code manipulation.

What if a player is using a speed/stat hack?

After we have the basic information, such as a character name, server, proof of using a program, and a way for us to understand how the speed/stat hack works, we'll look into potential infractions and make a ruling. Using a program to speed/stat hack, or manipulating the game to falsify a character's stats, immediately warrants a temporary ban, and in many cases a permanent one.

How can a player report a speed/stat hack?

Along with the infractor's character information, we need concrete evidence that a player was speed/stat hacking. We need a description of how this possible and (if possible) a link to the program or video describing software used.