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Virtual Currency hacking

What is "Virtual Currency hacking"?

Hacking is the practice of altering in-game elements through means unintended by the developer. Virtual Currency hacking specifically refers to the manipulation of Virtual Currency quantities or related functions through the payment platform or game code.

What if a player is using a Virtual Currency hack?

After we have the basic information, such as a character name, server, proof of using a program, and a way for us to understand this Virtual Currency hack, we'll look into potential infractions and make a ruling. Virtual Currency hacking will warrant a permanent ban on a player's character, and may apply to their account as well.

What is needed for a player to report a Virtual Currency hack?

Along with the infractor's character information, we need concrete evidence that a player was hacking Virtual Currency. We need a description of how this possible and (if possible) a link to the program or video describing the software used.