Glitch abuse

What is the definition of a "glitch"?

A glitch is defined as:

-A error in the programming

-An obvious and/or unintended interaction

-Any obvious errors in the payment system

What is exploitation of a glitch?

Exploitation of a glitch would be the intentional use or misuse of any error, whether in coding, language, or likewise for personal benefit.

If there is evidence that a bug was used and exploited without reporting, severe consequences may befall a character/account. Any errors in-game should be reported immediately and should not be used to gain an unfair advantage. Our reaction will also take into account the severity of the bug being exploited, how much an individual abused the glitch, and how much of our playerbase abused this glitch.

What will happen if a bug is found but not exploited?

If a player found a bug and reported it without abusing it, that's great!! No action will be taken against them. Once a glitch has been found and documented, it is strictly forbidden to continue to abuse this glitch until it has been fixed.

We encourage players to report bugs, along with their character information, so we can fix it. Reporting a bug will not result in action taken against an account, and in some few, lucky cases may warrant a show of thanks in the form of a gift.

What does a player need to report a glitch?

We need as much information as possible when reporting a glitch or bug. Along with the character information, screenshots or a video can help us figure it out and fix it a lot faster.