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Third party program

What is a "third party program"?

R2Games considers a third party program to be any program or application that is unessential, provides an unfair advantage, and/or changes or modifies the game environment in an unfair way. This includes, but is not limited to, scripts, bots, unapproved mini-clients, programs to decompile game code, etc. Browser plugins that grant any similar capabilities are also included in this definition.

If a third party program falls under the abovementioned categories, or R2Games deems it inappropriate in any way, we may deem it illegal. If a program has been deemed illegal, any use of said program should cease immediately.

What if a player is using a third party program?

After we have the basic information, such as a character name, server, proof of using a program, and a way for us to understand this application, we'll look into potential infractions and make a ruling. Using a third party program that negatively affects the game environment and/or provides an unfair advantage immediately warrants a temporary ban, and in many cases a permanent one.

How can a player report a third party program?

Along with the infractor's character information, we need concrete evidence that a player was using a third party program. We need a description of this program and (if possible) a link to the program or video describing this software.