What is blog advertising?

A blog is a website that is dedicated to disseminating information. Typically, blogs relating to our products have to do with the Chinese version, i.e. potential updates, discussions or number crunching, or a complete informational blog based on the current state of the game.

Blog advertising means informing players of a website on our forums or in-game. This includes the name, description, link, content, or other specific information leading to a blog.

R2Games is in no way connected to any blog links posted or advertised. Our information is disseminated through official announcements, forum posts, direct player emails, or other official press linked within the Site. We do not accept responsibility for inaccuracy or misinformation on any privately owned blog.

Are players allowed to post their blog?

Blog advertising is acceptable with the approval of a forum moderator or R2Games staff. The purpose of the blog should be informational, NOT corporate, monetary, or defamatory. R2Games reserves the right to deny or change the terms of Blog advertisements on the Site or Services at any time.

Can R2Games give information about future updates for a blog?

R2Games does not release information to players or other non-staff before it has been officially announced. We publish official news on our forums and press releases on the game's landing page. We do not disseminate official news before official announcements have been made.

Can players partner with R2Games?

R2Games and our game developers will not form private partnerships with individual blogs based on disseminating game information. Both parties have official services to post and disseminate information based on game news, updates, etc.

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