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Recharge reward

Aren't there special rewards with a recharge?

Recharge rewards are given for normal purchasing methods when used to obtain Virtual Currency. Each game has a different package: some games reward items while some games provide bonus Virtual Currency.

Recharge rewards are not available for free currency offers. Whether purchasing a package or completing the "free diamond offer" (or similar), these services do not make a player eligible for recharge rewards.

What would prevent recharge rewards from being received?

If a recharge has been made through a normal payment method, players are entitled to recharge rewards based on that game's offer. Sometimes recharges are delayed, which may delay the recharge rewards as well.

Will the recharge rewards still be given?

So long as the recharge has gone through successfully, players should automatically get the recharge rewards. If a player wasn't given these rewards automatically, make sure to include the order number and time of receipt for us to check purchase and item records.

If a purchase hasn't been sent, we will verify the purchase as well as the recharge rewards. If a purchase has been sent but item records show no indication of recharge rewards, we will verify and send any deserved recharge rewards.

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