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Missing event rewards

Why didn't the event give me the rewards?

Be sure you have done all that has been described by the event. Sometimes the in game events are not able to give full details due to limited space. It is recommended that players look at the description on the forums also to be sure they have met all requirements.

What if I really didn't get the rewards?

Search the forum. If there is an issue with an event, or a misunderstanding as to what the requirements are, there is no doubt a discussion about it. If there is no current discussion, a player is welcome to start one. Please be sure to check thread replies if you start one, and update if/when able.

What does R2Games need to give me my rewards?


-In game event

-Requirements being met

-Any other that could help


-Event in forum

-Supporting thread to 'situation’

Any additional information

-Time as to when event happened (time reward was meant to be acquired)

-Details (the more the better)