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Malfunctioning event

What if an event isn't functioning as stated?

If an event isn't functioning as described, we encourage players to first check the forum post including the event in question. Many players may have asked the same question and gotten clarification or a plan of action already. The official event announcement will usually include extra information regarding the event to clear up any misunderstandings.

Once a player has checked the forum post, review the event in-game:

-Is the event functioning?

-Does the description match its function?

-Are the proper rewards being given out?

If these questions, or other details about the event aren't consistent, we require documentation clearly showing the error.

What will happen after the event has been fixed?

If an event isn't functioning properly, we will review the intended interaction and review each report on a case-by-case basis. We will ensure any rewards will be received based on participation of the event, and incorrect rewards may be removed from your account if applicable.