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Heroes Evolved FAQ

Q1: What kind of game is Heroes Evolved?

A:    Heroes Evolved is a free-to-play arena combat game. Compete online in glorious 5v5 matches - and work together to crush the enemy! Fight alongside your teammates as you anticipate the enemy, equip yourself with legendary weapons and gear, and use superior strategy to overcome all odds!  In Heroes Evolved, only the strong survive.

Q2: Do I need to pay or buy anything to play this game?

A:   Absolutely not. Start playing for free!

Q3: Can Heroes Evolved be played on Mac or Linux?

A:    Unfortunately, the game is only available in Windows right now. However, we are working hard on making a Mac version available, so keep an eye out for it!

Q4:  What account should I use to log into the game?

A:     You can use your R2Games account to log in. If you prefer, you can also use Facebook, Yahoo, Google Plus, or Windows Live accounts to log in.

Q5:My account won't log into the game, what should I do?

A:     Contact customer service at once. You should also make sure your account is secure.

Q6 How can I unlock more heroes?

A:     You can obtain heroes by participating in certain events, and using Gems or Points to buy more in the Shop.

Q7: What do I use Gold, Points and Gems for?

A:      Gold: Use to purchase Heroes, Nameplates, & Jewels.

         Points: Can be exchanged for Heroes and Skins

         Gems: Used to purchase Heroes, Skins, & other items.

Q8:How do I obtain Gems?

A:     Gems can only be obtained through recharging or through special in-game events.

Q9:   How do I get an activation code?

A:     Activation codes can be obtained through the R2Games website or in-game.

Q10: What is VIP? What do the VIP levels mean?

A:     VIP players receive special in-game benefits, and can even play VIP-only heroes. Check-in daily, buy VIP cards, use consumables, and complete quests to level up your VIP!

Q11: How do I change my avatar?

A:     Click on your avatar and enter the Player Info Screen. Change your avatar to any of the available avatars! Unfortunately, we are unable to support customized avatars at this time.

Q12: How do I save recordings of my games? Where are they saved?

A:      You can save recordings of your match at the results screen of the match. All recordings are saved in your computer at: \Documents\HeroesEvolved\Replays.

Q13: System Requirements

A:      Minimum system requirements: ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro or Nvidia GeForce 7300GT.

Q14: Hotkeys:

A:     Right-click: hero movement.

        Right-click: hero movement.

       Attack while moving, or attack single target. If a target is left-clicked, the hero moves towards that target while attacking. If a location is selected, the hero moves towards the target location while attacking the enemy.

Q/W/E/R: Skill release.

        1-6: Use item in inventory.

        B: Press B once and use your mouse to select a target you want to teleport to. Press B twice to teleport back to the Healing Fountain.

        S: Stop current action.

        Ctrl + Right-click: Move summoned creature.

        Ctrl + Q/W/E/R: Level up skill.

        ~: View scoreboard.

        I: See hero stats menu.

        Ctrl+Left-click: Group up signal. Will show up as a green signal on the map.

        Alt+Left-click: Warning signal. Will show up as a red signal on the map.

        P: Shop

Q15: What is the exchange rate of dollars to Gems?

A:     US1 = 100 Gems.

Q16: Where do I go to recharge?

A:   You can recharge via the R2Games platform, or go to the Recharge Menu in-game.

Q17: What payment methods can I use?

A:     Log in to the Store on the R2Games official website to see what payment methods are supported for your country.

Q18: The amount I recharge was not sent to my account. What should I do?

A:     Submit a ticket to customer service and attach a screencap of your issue so that our customer service agents can help you resolve the issue.

Q19: What should you do when you have a frozen Heroes Evolved logo running client?

A:      Please restart your client in administrator's mode to login.

Q20:  How can I retrieve my password?

A:       Please click "Forget Password" option on the user interface of HE client and retrieve your password with the email you register.

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